Mom Accidentally Invites 487 People to Daughter’s Birthday Party

By Brittany Styles | Apr 19, 2024

It will be just a small gathering of friends and family. That’s what this mom thought before accidentally sending an Evite to every contact stored in her phone. Not only were all contacts invited, but they were listed in the Evite exactly how they were stored in her phone. Imagine ‘Derek Eye Roll’ and ‘Jess…

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Couple Who Married 10 Years After Interracial Marriage Became Legal Now Viral on TikTok

By Brittany Styles | Apr 1, 2024

From the 70s to their lives throughout the decades, this couple married 10 years after interracial marriage became legal and is now sharing their journey and love story. Jeri and Mike, now 72, began to share photos and videos of their life on TikTok to connect with their children and grandchildren during the pandemic. Now,…

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March 31st Birthdays! Here’s #1 Song for the Year You Were Born, from 1994-2000!

By Brittany Styles | Mar 27, 2024
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Cow Crashes Wedding – On-Cue Moment

By Brittany Styles | Mar 17, 2024

This is hilarious! It’s almost as though the cow knew when to chime in. What would you do?

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Couple Gets Married in the “Disco Bathroom” at a Kentucky Gas Station

By Brittany Styles | Feb 22, 2024

I’ve never seen anything like this before! Yahoo! has the full story. The gas station bathroom has standard toilets and sinks, but when you push the giant red button with the warning, “Do Not Push This Button,” it turns into a “disco bathroom” complete with a light and music show! I now believe that truly…

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Couple Adopts Cat That Interrupted Their Wedding Vows

By Brittany Styles | Feb 20, 2024

OMG, this is one of the most adorable stories I’ve ever heard! A stray kitten stole the show during Cara and Matt Hamdan’s wedding ceremony. Just as Matt was delivering his wedding vows, a cat began meowing from the woods. Little did they know, that cat was going to become a part of their lives…

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Vogue Magazine Shares 2024 Wedding Trends with Ryan Seacrest

By Brittany Styles | Feb 2, 2024

Two of the members of Ryan Seacrest’s show are planning weddings, so they brought in the experts to help give them some insider tips!  Here is Vogue magazine’s list of Wedding Ins and Outs for 2024: IN: CEREMONY FRIDAY, PARTY SATURDAY: Make it a two-day affair and you open up unlimited possibilities for the party and…

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By Brittany Styles | Jan 17, 2024

Planning a wedding in 2024? It’s not easy to come up with unique ideas for yourself. I remember when I was planning my wedding, it was like all of my wedding experiences went out the window. Talk about #bridebrain. It’s a real thing! That’s why I love coming across these videos on social. So many…

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Gay Couple Says ‘I Do’ on New Year’s Eve with Kelly Clarkson as a Witness

By Brittany Styles | Jan 3, 2024

At Kelly Clarkson’s Chemistry: An Intimate Evening residency show in Las Vegas on Sunday, two men got hitched with the help of Kelly as a witness. The couple, Marcello and Brian, shared that they’ve been together for 15 years and hoped to tie the knot with Kelly present. She was totally on board! Kelly looked toward a…

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We Can Help You Do Something Surprising on Your Wedding Day, Too!

By Brittany Styles | Dec 27, 2023

This bride surprised her groom with an audio recording of her voice before her entrance down the aisle. As you can see, everyone got a little choked up. @weddingwire not a dry eye in the room ???? | original: @devlambur ♬ original sound – WeddingWire @weddingfiesta Bride speaks her groom’s love language by gifting him…

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