In my 20 years of being in the wedding entertainment industry, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work when developing a successful timeline. When you book our services at Mid-West Family Entertainment, I incorporate that knowledge to help you plan a successful and eventful wedding celebration. We’ll have a discussion about your thoughts on how you’d like the day and evening to unfold, and then I will give you helpful tips and suggestions to make the day flow beautifully to keep your guests entertained and engaged.

One of my favorite tricks is to ask what time you’d like the celebration to end. Some couples want to be done early, around 9 or 10 pm, to have some alone time together. Others want to party as long as their venue will allow, and some are happy with an 11 or 11:30 pm ending. There is no right answer. You call the shots. This helps me work backward with services to fill in all gaps until the start time of your ceremony. It works every time! A continuous flow is always preferred, when possible, to keep everything moving without gaps and silences.

I have a lot more tips and I’d love to share them with you when we meet for a complimentary consultation for our services. No obligation, no fee; just a virtual meeting to get a feel for who we are, how we operate, and what’s all included in our services. Set up a meeting with me here!

Helping couples navigate through all the important details during our services is a passion of mine and I’d love to share it with you to help make your big day everything you imagine!


Brittany Styles, Manager at Mid-West Family Entertainment