I had my own ideas about this, but an article from Brides.com confirms my suspicions about which songs would be huge for weddings in 2023! I highlighted my personal favorites from the list below, but you can check out the full list here!

“Nervous,” by John Legend

Lyrics of Love: “When you walk through the door and you look in my eyes/Yeah, it feels, yeah, it feels like the very first time/I can fall for you forever, I’m certain/’Cause I still get nervous”

“Thank God,” by Kane Brown

Lyrics of Love: “Don’t know how I got you/But I couldn’t ask for more/Girl, what we got’s worth thanking God for”

“Sweet Nothing,” by Taylor Swift

Lyrics of Love: “They said the end is coming/Everyone’s up to something/I find myself running home to your sweet nothings”

“Symphony,” by Imagine Dragons

Lyrics of Love: “This life is one big symphony/So glad I’ve got you next to me/I’m the chords and you’re the melody”

“For My Hand,” by Burna Boy, Ed Sheeran

Lyrics of Love: “Whenever I’m broken, you make me feel whole/Whenever I’m lonely, you’re there for my soul/Wherever you are, girl, that’s where I call my home”

“You,” by Dan + Shay (Acoustic)

Lyrics of Love: “I got you, ooh, ooh/For the rest of my life/And if all else goes wrong, baby/I’ll be alright/’Cause I got you”

“Golden Hour,” by JVKE

Lyrics of Love: “I was all alone with the love of my life/She’s got glitter for skin/My radiant beam in the night/I don’t need no light to see you”

“Chasing Cars,” by SOFI TUKKER

Lyrics of Love: “All that I am/All that I ever was/Is here in your perfect eyes, they’re all I can see”